Hearing the word chiropractor, often people only think of back pain. But chiropractic can treat so many issues through the whole body. Pain in the joints and limbs, especially knees, hips, feet and shoulders can really hinder mobility, but are so often treated only with pain killers which mask the symptoms, or are ignored and left to get worse.

Sports people put their bodies through all sorts of pressures which can result in painful strains, sprains and tears. Professional sports teams all over the world rely on chiropractic care to support their fitness and speed their recovery from injuries.

Just like the professionals, seeing a chiropractor can help when you’ve suffered a sports injury, as well as help to prevent them.Knee pain

Chiropractors work with the entire musculoskeletal system and can help with injuries throughout the body, including knees, feet, shoulders and necks; chiropractic doesn’t only help with backs.

Manual adjustment of the spine makes sure the bones are well aligned and balanced, which relieves tension in the body. This enables the body to function better, making it less susceptible to injury.

If you’re struggling with a sports injury, want to improve your sports performance, or are trying to get started on a new fitness regime, consider seeing a chiropractor, there’s a wealth of experience and knowledge to help you.