Floating Guidelines:

We will show you around the Floatation suite before your session begins.
Here is some guidance to help you to get the most from this wonderful

Prior to entering the Floatation suite please use the toilet if necessary

 Please shower, then dry your face

 Insert the earplugs that are provided. (You may at some point get water in your ears. Sometimes if an earplug isn’t inserted correctly it can allow a little water in or it might pop out during your float. This can cause some people to feel their ears are a little crackly for a few days.)

If you have any small cuts, we suggest you bring some Vaseline, as a thin layer over a cut will seal out the salt water.

 Get into the water slowly; position yourself in the middle and lie down. You’re floating!

Allow your arms to place themselves into a comfortable position.

As this is your first float you may feel some tension in your neck. Consciously relax your head back into the water and you will float comfortably.

 If you still feel neck tension, float with your arms above your head or clasped behind your neck. This may help to ease the tension, which is a symptom of stress.

Remember that there is a lot of salt in the water so do not rub your eyes.

Music will be played for the first ten minutes of your float to help you relax, and then there is silence.

There is no need to consciously control your thoughts, allow the “brain chatter” to happen, this is part of de-stressing. (Reserve any experimentation with meditation and visualisation etc. to at least the fourth float when the relaxation response is well established).

When the music starts up again after the silence your session is over. (You may enter and leave the Floatroom at any time during your float).

To leave the Floatroom, sit up and get your balance. Turn the light on and stand up slowly before stepping out.

 Please wring the salt from your body and hair to leave as much of the salt solution in the Floatroom as possible!

 You will want to shower afterwards to rinse the salt solution from your hair and body. Please bring a towel and toiletries with you.

 Please place earplugs in the bin provided.

After changing, you should relax outside for at least ten minutes – this transition back to the real world is important too!

There is a hairdryer available in the bathroom.

Your First Float:

Before you take your first float, there are several things for you to consider.

In a dark, quiet environment, you will be floating in “heavy” water, heated to skin temperature. You will have the feeling of floating weightlessly in space.

Your experience will depend on your state of mind and your expectations. Reactions range from euphoria to boredom; the most common response is deep relaxation. Knowing what to expect physically will make your experience a truly satisfying one.

Generally, much of the first float is spent getting used to this new environment. It is a good idea to familiarise yourself with the surroundings right away.

You will be aware initially of your breathing and your heartbeat. This is a good sign! In the absence of external stimulation, this awareness will actually help you to relax.

During the relaxation process, you may be aware of the areas of your body that hold more tension and resist relaxation. Old injuries are often cushioned by the body’s tightening of the surrounding muscles.

Often the back of the neck is an area of some special tension. Let your head fall back a little and your neck will relax. Don’t worry about your head, it will not sink. You may want to experiment with different arm positions to help you relax – at your sides, straight up over your head, or behind your neck.

A person laying in a Floatation therapy Tank

After Floating:

Always sit for at least ten minutes after floating, outside or in your car. This
gentle transition back to the outside world is very important if you wish to
gain the maximum benefit from your float. Just rushing out immediately will burn off many benefits before your nervous system has had a chance to
integrate them – so a quiet sit is well worth it, particularly when you don’t feel like it.

It does take three floats to really begin to get the most out of floating. You
will probably find your second and third floats quite different from the first.
Some reasons for this are: –

  •  Relaxation is much deeper and more immediate.
  •  You become more familiar with this new environment and experience, so you feel more at home.
  • There is an accumulative effect of previous floats.
    The first float is normally very good – subsequent ones are generally much better.

Please rest as long as you feel you need to before driving.
We encourage any questions about the floating experience that you may have as understanding the experience can be as important as the experience itself.



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