National Complementary Therapy Week

National Complementary Therapy Week is an annual event to celebrate the many alternative healing methods that can enhance and complement traditional medical practices.  This week, patients and practitioners come together to promote the benefits of therapies including massage, floatation therapy and chiropractic care.

During this week, people are encouraged to seek out different complementary therapies to improve their health and wellbeing.  There are many varied benefits to these therapies, including improved flexibility, reduced stress and improved circulation.  Complementary therapies can also help with a variety of health conditions, such as anxiety, chronic pain and insomnia.

What are the aims of National Complementary Therapy Week?

One of the primary aims of National Complementary Therapy Week is to raise awareness of the importance of integrative healthcare.  By combining traditional medical practices with complementary therapies, patients can achieve better healthcare outcomes and a higher quality of life.  Many healthcare professionals now recognise the benefits of this combination of treatments.  Many are now working closely with complementary therapists to offer their patients the best possible care.

This week also highlights the importance of education and research in complementary therapies.  More research is needed to help quantify the potential benefits of some therapies.  While we absolutely know many complementary therapies work, it’s only through research that we can better understand how they work.  Knowing this can show how some therapies could help many more conditions than we currently realise.  Many medical professionals don’t fully understand how complementary therapies can help their patients.  This week gives an opportunity for learning and understanding the many options that are available to them to support their own work.

There’s lots of information throughout our website on the therapies we offer at County Chiropractic and Wellness Centre including a detailed page on each of our Services.  Take a look at our Meet the Team page Meet The Team – Exeter Wellness if you’re keen to know more about each of the practitioners offering therapies within the clinic.