Pregnancy can be an exciting and joyful time, but it can also bring with it pain and discomfort. With the excess weight of having to carry a growing baby inside of you, pregnancy can lead to back aches, sore feet and, in some cases, even sciatica. Though thankfully temporary, sciatica can be very painful, which is the last thing you want on your plate in your third trimester of pregnancy.

Being pregnant, some of the usual treatments to relieve the symptoms of sciatica may not be as feasible; for example, you may find it difficult to perform certain stretches whilst painkillers such ibuprofen (a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug) aren’t safe to take in your final trimester.

However, you still have the option of massage therapy. Read on below to learn more about how this can help.

What is Sciatica?

Sciatica occurs when the sciatic nerve – which is the longest nerve in your body, running from your lower back down to your feet – becomes irritated or compressed. It often results in numbness, tingling and/or pain in your bottom, the back of your leg and/or your feet, typically lasting four to six weeks.

This can occur in pregnancy for a number of reasons. It could be due to increased weight and fluid retention putting pressure on your sciatic nerve, your expanding uterus pressing down on it or even your baby’s head resting directly on it as they get into the proper birth position inside your womb. Typically, sciatica only occurs in your third trimester of pregnancy, though in some rare instances it can develop earlier.

Massage Therapy During Pregnancy

If you’re looking for an effective way to relieve sciatica pain during pregnancy, then getting regular pregnancy massages is a great option.

A pregnancy massage is performed whilst you’re laying on your side so there is no undue stress on your baby or your body, and can provide immense relief to the aches and pains that occur as your body changes to accommodate your growing baby.

When treating sciatica pain specifically, your massage therapist will target your lower back, hips, glutes and hamstrings, working to relieve tension in your muscles from the pain – subsequently relieving the pressure on your sciatic nerve.

The techniques used will also help to improve circulation in your back and legs, stimulating blood vessels deep in the tissue. This will help get oxygen and nutrients to the area of soreness, which in turn will aid in the healing process, reduce swelling and provide you with further relief from your sciatica pain.

Pregnancy Massage in Exeter

If you’re looking for a licensed massage therapist in Exeter who can offer you effective relief from your sciatica pain during pregnancy, then look no further than County Chiropractic & Wellness Centre.

We offer a number of massage therapies, including pregnancy massages that can help reduce your stress levels and relieve your sciatica pain, along with the other aches and pains that occur in pregnancy.

Get in touch with us today for more information about how our massage therapists can help you and to book your initial consultation.