Why is a standing desk a great idea?

Standing desks have become increasingly popular in recent years to combat the negative effects of prolonged sitting, and there are several reasons why.  They offer a variety of health benefits as well as providing a change from a traditional sitting desk.  Here are just some of the benefits of using standing desks:

  • Improving posture
    Engaging the core muscles and keeping the spine in a much more natural alignment, standing at a desk improves our posture.  This reduces the risk of back pain and poor posture from sitting for long periods of time.
  • Reducing the risk of weight gain/obesity
    Standing burns more calories than sitting, that goes without say.  Research has found that standing for 1 hour can burn up to 50 extra calories. That’s per hour!
  • Increasing productivity and energy
    Most standing desk users say they feel more productive and alert throughout their day.  The increased blood flow and oxygen to the brain from standing leads to improved focus and better energy.
  • Improving mood
    Research suggests that standing can reduce feelings of fatigue and stress, leading to improved mood and mental health, as well as a more positive working environment.
  • Reducing the risk of chronic disease
    Sitting for long periods of time has been linked to an increased risk of chronic diseases including heart disease, diabetes and cancer.  A standing desk can naturally reduce this risk by promoting movement throughout the day.

Here’s a short BBC video outlining why a standing desk can help increase your daily activity and improve your health. https://youtu.be/p4OeVn6QIcc

Getting it right..

It’s important to get it right though.  Prolonged standing can lead to health issues of its own, including fatigue and back pain.  So, it’s important to take breaks to sit and move around during the day. Are you suffering from pain in the shoulders, neck or back caused by poor posture or prolonged sitting? Why not reach out to us by clinking the link to our contact page HERE and find out how we can help.

A badly set up standing desk won’t offer any of the benefits we’ve talked about, in fact often the opposite.  So, make sure the height is right for you and the layout makes it comfortable to work at.  That way you’ll avoid any discomfort or strain on the body and get the best from you’re standing desk.