Having an ache or a long-term pain can cause distress in your life. No one wants to feel pain during their daily activities, or be hindered by a mystery ailment. If you’re suffering from a muscular or skeletal issue, you may need a trip to the doctors. For most muscular related issues, sports massage is recommended by doctors, but what is a sports massage? 

Our blog dives into what a sports massage really is, the powerful techniques used during the massage and what kinds of conditions a sports massage can help with. To find out more, keep on reading! 

What Is A Sports Massage? 

Massage has been used for over 3000 years, in a range of ways and across a variety of cultures. In the Western World, these techniques are used to help and treat certain conditions. 

Sports massage, unlike a regular massage, is a form of massage that manipulates the body. Typically, the soft tissue is targeted to help alleviate pain from injuries or other conditions. Soft tissue connects muscles, tendons, and ligaments, which is why this form of massage can be used to treat a range of different conditions and ailments.

Sports massages are not to be confused with regular massages, and they differ massively. The term massage often makes us think of a relaxing treatment, but do not confuse this with a sports massage. Sports massages are designed to treat conditions and correct problems within the body, rather than to relax you, and sometimes these massages can be a little painful. 

Sports Therapy

Sports therapy is another type of massage that is used for injuries and pains. Sports therapists require a higher level of knowledge, as well as a wider skill set. Sports therapists build on the work carried out by sports massage, by using more advanced techniques and methods to target specific areas and musculoskeletal areas.  

Examples Of Sports Massage Techniques 

To give you a better idea of what sports massages might entail, these are some common techniques that might be used. 


Kneading techniques are used by those administering a sports massage. By using a kneading motion, tension and tightness in the different parts of your body are released. By applying pressure and moving the skin, blood circulation is massively improved, helping to reduce swelling and tenderness. The kneading motion helps overall to increase the flexibility of your muscles, which can help to prevent you from sustaining other similar injuries. 


Wringing is another massage technique that you may encounter, which uses friction and lifting to move the skin from side to side. This technique can be helpful if you’re recovering from an injury, as the technique can help the body to release lactic acids and other toxins while you are recovering. You would most likely have the wringing technique used on your back, legs, shoulders and arms. 

Trigger Pointing

Trigger pointing is a massage technique used to target muscular knots and used to alleviate pain. The technique uses more focused pressure, usually applied with the thumbs in order to apply more pressure. Trigger pointing is effective when it comes to post surgery knots or knots as a result of exercise or sporting injury. By targeting areas with more pressure, it breaks down soft tissues and makes the muscles more flexible. 

What Injuries Can A Sports Massage Help With?

A sports massage can help different injuries, pains and aches in a range of ways. By using specific massage techniques to target muscle tissue and areas of pain, sports massages are very effective. By improving the flexibility in the area, pain is often reduced and the likelihood of similar injuries occurring again are very low. To find out more about the different types of injuries a sports massage can help with, read below. 

Muscle Related Pain

Muscle related pains respond very well to sports massage therapy. By working the muscle tissue, soft tissue and tendons, sports massages can target specific muscle groups and areas of pain. By massaging the muscles with various techniques, they become more flexible and blood circulation is improved. This can bring down swelling and inflammation, giving your muscles and tendons time to recover. Sports massage therapy is a very effective way to target your muscular pain. You can head to our website to book a sports massage.

Joint Inflammation

Joint inflammation can be treated very effectively with a sports massage. By massaging the areas, blood flow is increased, which improves circulation in the area, reducing the amount of swelling and easing the pain. Massaging inflamed joints can help massively. If you are someone who experiences arthritis, using massaging techniques can improve symptoms vastly by reducing the swelling during a flare up. 

Tennis Elbow 

Deep sports massage treatments are effective for treating tennis elbow. Tennis elbow is a condition that causes pain around the elbow area, sometimes spreading to wrists and forearms. It can be the result of repetitive strain or an injury to the tendon nearby. By using deep sports massage techniques, the soft tissues are manipulated, helping with pain relief. 

Repetitive Strain 

As the name suggests, repetitive strain injuries are caused by repeating movements over a long period of time or actions that strain and overload your muscles and tendons. Laborious work that involves heavy lifting day to day can cause repetitive strain, as well as other activities like typing. Repetitive strain injuries can be quite painful and hard to manage, however sports massage can alleviate the pain symptoms. 

Sports massages for repetitive strain injuries calm down the nervous system, allowing your muscles to properly heal, preventing them from continuously sustaining damage. It usually affects upper body limbs, but it can affect other areas of your body. 

Lower Back Pain

Lower back pain can be a big annoyance in your everyday life. It can start with something as small as twinge and can worsen over time. Many people suffer from back pain and lower back related issues. 

Sports massage will focus on reducing the pain in the area, getting rid of any scar tissue build up and increasing blood flow. In doing this, your lower back area will have increased flexibility, hopefully alleviating some of the pain and allowing your pelvis to move more freely. Lower back pain could be the result of the muscles in your hips or in your glutes, and a sports massage may target these areas too. 


Despite what you may think, sports massage can be an effective treatment for sprains. Much like with muscular pain, with sprains, increasing the blood flow allows the body to recover much quicker. Blood flow into the muscles is what creates new tissue, and this can also prevent spasms and further strains from occurring.  

Runners Knee

Massage is one of the most effective ways to alleviate this kind of pain. Runner’s knee is another repetitive strain injury that is caused by the repetitive motion of running. It affects the knee and can be pretty painful. Sports massage targets the knee area, loosening the muscles and pulling the tendons into better alignment. This is often a long term solution for a runner’s knee, but your pain could potentially start again. 


Sciatica is often a pain, tingling, or numb feeling in the leg that occurs when the sciatic nerve is pinched. It typically affects just one side of the body, and can be extremely painful in some cases. Typically, sciatica lasts for about 4-6 weeks, but it can last longer. If sciatica is preventing you from going about your day, it might be time to try a sports massage. 

Sports massages can be very effective in helping with sciatica. They are the ideal treatment for any kind of pinched nerve. By using pressure to target the muscles and soft tissue, sports massage can alleviate the pain caused by the sciatic nerve. 

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